Key Documents

You can access Key Documents related to the Metropolitan MGP site from the links below:

Major Reports are documents prepared by independent engineering consultants to National Grid, and accepted by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, as well as certain documents prepared by the NYSDEC. Among the reports you will find here are the Remedial Investigation Work Plan which describes the previous history and investigations of the site as well as the detailed plan for conducting the Remedial Investigation. As they are completed you will find the Remedial Investigation Report which describes the environmental conditions found on the site and in its vicinity, the Feasibility Study which describes the alternatives that were considered in developing a Remedial Plan, and the Decision Document selecting the Remedial Plan.

Fact Sheets are documents that have been distributed to the neighbors of the site as major reports and milestones were reached and public meetings scheduled.

Site News and Updates Archive   As the work goes forward, National Grid will provide a report on activities related to the investigation and remediation of the site. The report includes a summary of the recent activities and a forecast of planned activities, focusing on those that may impact normal community activities. Previous Updates will be archived as Current Updates are posted to the website. The reports are archived in chronological order.

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Citizen Participation Plan  A document that describes the communications activities that National Grid and the NYSDEC will undertake to ensure that the community remains fully informed about developments related to the project and has the opportunity to provide input at appropriate milestones.